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Usaha kami berdiri sejak tahun 2011 terus tumbuh dan berkembang melayani kebutuhan barang Elektrikal ,Mekanikal dan jasa Instalasi,Wiring ,Commisoning ,Troubleshoting                                                                                           

MODUL GENSET CONTROL CV. Teguh Teknik Mandiri Terlengkap

Easygen 1000 series for single unit applications.the stream lined features the of easygen 1000 turn this genset control in to the ideal solution for your single unit applications. with the flexible breaker control logic you can easily configure the easygen 1000 for one of four operating modes - from a simple measuring tranducer and engine control up to a full two - breaker, open - transition operation device.The simple automatic start stop logic and load tranfer capabilities round out the of easygen 1000 to cover all stand-by and emergency applications
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