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30 / 01 / 2024
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Usaha kami berdiri sejak tahun 2011 terus tumbuh dan berkembang melayani kebutuhan barang Elektrikal ,Mekanikal dan jasa Instalasi,Wiring ,Commisoning ,Troubleshoting                                                                                           

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DATAKOM AVR-8-380 voltage regulator is an electronic device which lets the alternator to produce a fixed output voltage.

The device has open chassis, resin molded design and is intended to be mounted in the alternator’s terminal box. The unit does not include moving parts; therefore it is able to operate in highly vibrating environments.

The device measures phase to phase voltage of the alternator and adjusts the DC voltage applied to the excitation winding until reaching the desired voltage.
The unit offers low-frequency protection feature. A frequency measuring circuit continually monitors the generator output and provides output for lowfrequency protection of the excitation system, by reducing the output voltage proportionally with frequency below a manually adjustable threshold.

The nominal frequency can easily be changed to 50 or 60 Hz in the field by push-on link selection.

Sensing loss protection circuit terminates the excitation and protects the windings if there is no voltage on the sensing input.

The excitation power is derived directly from the generator terminals.The required minimum residual voltage for build up is 4 V-AC.

The output stage of the device is a Half Wave thyristor output associated with a free wheeling diode.

Basically the unit is compatible with all brushless type alternators. A stability adjustment potentiometer is also provided for this purpose.

A ±3V analogue input is provided allowing external voltage adjustment.

The AVR has the facility for droop CT connection, to allow parallel running with other similarly equipped generators.

An overload protection circuit limits the output current to its nominal value, preventing device failure under overload or short circuit condition.
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